Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Spy - Week 7B (Preview)

This week's topic was 'Extreme Sports'.  This is the lesson I've chosen for my module two assignment.  Unfortunately, my students were in Jeju all day Monday so I only had the chance to do this lesson twice this week.  I did record it once but since it was my first run at this lesson I feel that it could have been better.  But, I suppose analysis of an imperfect lesson is the whole point of the assignment.

I started by making small talk with the class as a whole about their trip to Jeju.  It turns out they did not have a good time because  it was raining and their homeroom teacher was in a bad mood the whole time.  I guess she didn't want to be there. One student in particular gave me a lengthy explanation for their lack of fun.

I introduced the topic by writing it on the board and asked 'What makes a sport extreme?'. The question was open to anyone.  I got some one word answers like dangerous, exciting, thrilling, fun etc. .... I wrote them on the board.  In retrospect I realize I should have asked a few follow up questions like 'Why is it dangerous?'(something I did do the next time).  After that I asked the students 'What are the 3 kinds of extreme sports?'  As a cue I offered the first one myself: 'Land'....  after that different students volunteered 'Air' and 'Water'.  At this point I decided to show the video clip.  It is a montage' of cool extreme sport tricks.  I told the students to watch the video and try to remember one example of each kind of ES that they see because I will be asking them afterward.
The the video was about 4min and the students really enjoyed it.  I think it was successful in relaxing them.  After the video I asked one student to give me an example of a Land ES (in a full sentence).  I did the same for 2 or 3 more students while writing the answers they gave me on the board.

Once again, before I started I forgot to list what we would be doing.  Also, In the preview I recorded I didn't do it but the second time I did the lesson, after the video, I modeled an answer on the board: 'One ____ extreme sport is_____'.  This was better because when I individually asked a student to give an answer he was not tempted to give me a one word answer.  Also, rather than asking 'What is one land/air/water extreme sport?' myself, I had the students choose someone at random and ask.  This resulted in much less teacher talk.  Unfortunately, I didn't record it that time.  :(


  1. Two years ago one grade had a lousy trip to Jeju too because of the rain. What a waste!

    I liked that you let the students have time to pursue the topic of why they didn't have a good time and adjusted your lesson plan.

  2. Absolutely - A 'perfect' lesson is a myth, so one should never try to record and use a 'good' lesson -- ANY lesson will do; the value is in the analysis of discourse -- identifying successful things, and strategies for improving on the moments that are less so.