Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Spy - Week 5B (Thursday)

I tried the Alien Attack lesson again today and with a few changes but the result was more or less the same as Monday.  In terms of the introduction, this time I explained and listed on the white board what was going to happen in the lesson: 

1. Q and A about alien movies
2. Alien attack video clip
3. Alien attack strategies (vocab)
4. Handout
5. Ss alien attack defence Q and A

I have no reason to believe that explaining the lesson in such a way before starting made any impact on the success of the lesson, but it's probably a good habit to get into.  I'm sure the keener students and my co-teacher will appreciate it. 

Just like on Monday, the students did well with the 'What's your favourite alien movie?' Q and A and enjoyed the movie clip.  Also, this time I tried asking some follow up questions like 'Why do you like that movie?'  'I didn't see that one(even if I did)....What's the story?'  This was good because the students found it easy to talk about something they liked.  But, it did use up a lot of valuable class time minutes. 

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  1. Paraphrasing: "Sniff sniff. What is that? Smells like barbecue..."

    Fun topic. Did you start cold with that question? What about some movie posters to activate schema? Could you get a slightly more complex Q and A going along the lines of "My favorite...., because...." or is because too much? Maybe do it in pairs first before getting a list going around class? Too much? Something to aim for? Just thinkin'...