Monday, April 2, 2012

I Spy - Week 5B (Monday)

I had second grade students all day today where I tried out a new lesson plan.  The topic is 'Alien Attack'.  I chose this as a topic because I thought it might be fun for high school boys to come up with some fun ideas about what to do in the event.  As a way to activate their schema, I started by modeling the Q and A 'What is your favourite alien movie?' 'My favourite alien movie is....' Then I started with one student (S1) at one table and asked him the question.  S1 had to answer in a complete sentence and I wrote his answer on the white board.  S1 then had to choose a student at the next table(S2) and ask the question I modeled.  S2 answered the question in a complete sentence and I again wrote the movie on the board.  We did this until we had 7 or 8 alien movies on the WB.  I concluded this warm up by revealing my favourite alien movie to the students.  We then watched a five minute clip of 'Mars Attacks' wherein the aliens unleash a surprise attack on earth.  The movie is from 1996 so the students were not familiar with it and therefore interested them.  After the movie I introduced the vocab...
The warm up went smoothly and the students were clear on the topic but I realize now that I neglected to tell the students the TO of the lesson.  I imagine once I started introducing the vocab they were a little confused about where I was going or what was the point of thinking about aliens.  On thursday when I teach this lesson again I will make it clear to the students from the beginning that we will be learning some new vocabulary and then trying to formulate a Ss ask Ss Qs senario where the students must use their imaginations to find and suggest a way to fight against an alien attack.

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