Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Spy - Week 8AB

Mid term exams start on Friday of this week so with both first and second grade students I played a game.  Well, they played and I moderated.  It is a spin on the classic 'Taboo' board game.  I divide the class into three teams of ten.  On a power point I have a series of pictures of random people, places and things with the corresponding word across them.  At the top of the slide are two 'taboo words' that cannot be used as hints.  One student comes to the front and stands in front of his team, back to the screen.  I display a new pic on the screen and the team must use English to give hints so that the standing team member will say what is on the screen.  The team members must be careful not to use the taboo words, hand gestures or Korean to help their teammate arrive at the correct word.  There is a thirty second time limit per turn.  The team that has the most successes is the winner.

The students really love this game and get really excited while playing so I like to use it just before exams so that they can have a break from studying.  In fact my co-teachers encourage it.  I like it because every student on every team must take a turn at the front where they listen to their teammates.  The only downside is that the dominant students do most of the hinting.  I still haven't figured out a way to get the quieter students to take part in the hinting.  That issue aside, everyone has fun.  After exams I'll get back into proper lessons.

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  1. What a great idea for a game! I may have to steal this. The great thing about it is you could adapt it to any level. Well almost any level. What you could do is nominate 2 students that have to hint during the 30 seconds at least once. Others can hint as well of course. change the niminations the next round. If the niminated student does not hint the point is not awarded. would that work?