Thursday, May 3, 2012

I Spy - Week 9B

With my second graders I decided to try the listening activity I presented in our Meth class.  The title was 'Witness'.

I started by brainstorming about the meaning of being a witness on the WB.  I asked a combination of open and closed questions and elicited responses through both invitation and nomination. 

Q:What does a witness do?
A: Listen, watch, remember...

Q: What does he need to remember?
A: clothing, speaking, background,..... details

Q: In what kind of situation is a witness important?
A: crime, accident, reporting, wedding

Not all of the answers came naturally.  I had to use a lot of MIC for 'details' and 'wedding' but we got there eventually.  The important thing is that I did not resort to Korean translations which was my habit in the past.

I made it into a game where the team that could answer the most questions correctly won some candy.  Also, when it came time to share answers I had the Ss ask someone at the next table.  This time I used your suggestion Tom, and had the S sitting beside the answering S ask the next Q.  This doubled the amount of Ss who had a chance to speak. 
We played two rounds. 

It turned out to be a very laid back class.  The Ss really enjoyed the video clips I chose and were happy to get some candy. 

However, I wonder if they were so relaxed particularly because there wasn't as much pressure to speak.   I suppose that's ok because it was a listening activity anyway.

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