Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Spy - Week 3A

With my first year students this week I did a review of numbers.  I've noticed that Koreans of any age have trouble converting Korean numbers into English and vice versa.  It's a good lesson because it requires students to say high/complicated numbers in English, and they do most of the talking during the teacher centered portion.  For the last 15 minutes or so we a play a version of 'The Price is Right' where I put a picture of some kind of product (car, tv, food etc) on the screen and each team has to guess the price in Won.  I tell them to do it in Won because the numbers are much higher.  But they still have to say it in English.  Each player on each team ends up speaking at least twice. 

I will admit though, that in terms of making sentences or conversation practice this lesson is not useful.  Perhaps next time I can devise a way for the students to ask eachother things like 'What is the price?' or 'How much does it cost?'  Just some simple Q and A to add some dialog to an otherwise successful lesson.
Anyway, in light of this week's lack of dialog and sentence forming, I have devised a lesson on 'Travel' for next week that will hopefully make up for it.


  1. Yep, or one team asks the other a question: "How much is the toaster?", followed by a complete sentence answer: "We think the toaster costs fifteen thousand won." Then the answering team becomes the asking team.,..etc,

  2. Ugh how I hate numbers here. Outside of the classroom, even with my boss, whenever numbers are involved, I ask them to say the number digit by digit afterwards, to make sure we have it right.